"Steal" in Hebrew
In Hebrew steal is גָּנָּב (ga-nab).  The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) states, "...the verb means 'to take that which belongs to another without his consent or knowledge.'"  

This verb and its derivatives occur over sixty times in the Old Testament.

Occurrences of Note in the Old Testament:
  • First used in Genesis 30:33; Jacob discusses his wages of "spotted" and "speckled" goats and lambs with Laban.
  • In the Decalogue, "You shall not steal."
  • This "stealing" including stealing other human beings - kidnapping. This was punishable by death (Ex. 21:16) whereas other thefts were punished more leniently.
  • ""To steal the heart" is an idiom which means "to deceive." (TWOT)

Mnemonics to Remember גָּנַּב!
To remember this word, find a "sound-alike" for גָּנָּב (ga-nab) and associate the "sound-alike" to the meaning of "He stole." For example, I find the Hebrew word for "steal" sounds like, "gone after" so I vividly picture myself going after a thief who has stolen.

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